Vacuum Cleaners

The Vacuum, by design, wet or dry vacuum cleaners that perform totally without compromise in either mode.

We know full well that when you want to operate as a dry machine performance must be as good as a dry-only machine, with big filters and the option of giant Hepaflo disposable dust bags ensuring a high standard of operation.

Cleaning Chemicals

Some of our products
Some of our products…, Bleach, Thick Bleach, Bio wash, Laundry Liquid, Baby Soft,Crystal Bright, Anti bac handwash, Liquid green hand soap, Pine Gel, auto dish wash,Drain Cleaner, Toilet bowl, Floor Polish, handy andy and more

Gardening Tools

We supply department of education(MOTHEO DISTRICT), department of Police Roads and Transport, with tools and department of Health

Mr. Min Furniture Polish

We supply furniture polish Mr Min Or Pledge, We have been sipplying department of police roads and Transport, and depaartment of Education For a Year. We also supply this material for private companies and individuals.